work as in... "doctor i need some help..." ??

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How much does it pay to work at a sperm bank? Not donate, but to work?

Im trying to decide if I actually want to know the context behind this thread...
lemme guess, you wanna work there, so you can secretly switch all samples with your own and father hundreds of children?
You can do the same job on guys behind the train station and you'll propably earn more...
I do not even know whot this has do to with music... like... SPERM METAL?? \m/
Uhh...why would you want to?
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I do not even know whot this has do to with music... like... SPERM METAL?? \m/

The pit is an off topic board. noob.
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I need to change that, I'm 17. But I was just wondering.

I'm sure its more than minimum wage.

now never ask a question like this again. ever. no guy should be interested in working at a sperm bank.
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