Acoustic Cover - located on my profile:

Before I record a version with piano and guitar, I wanted to get some opinions on this (mostly on the vocals--since I don't consider myself a great singer). This is just a quick acoustic take, I made a few minor mistakes.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Be honest, If you didn't like something let me know what and why so I can try to improve. I'm open to recommendations too.

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Also, If you want a C4C, post a link to your recording and I'll be glad to check it out when I have the time. Thanks for looking.
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It was ok. You did kinda lose your voice a couple of times. Maybe try in a different key to suit your voice? The guitar playing was good, apart from the minor errors. It sounded like you played it at a faster tempo, so maybe slow it down a bit.
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speed changed when vocals kicked in...
sped up more throughout the song...
work on that.
Hey, I really like your voice, you made a really good performance. The tempo thing is easily solved with a metronome. Be a little careful with the exploding consonants (like P and F), they pop a little on your mic.
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I liked it the guitar was solid all the way through, your voice is a little weird I don't know if thats how it is naturally or if your trying to sound like that. But I'd say try to be more natural with it, not that I'm really anyone to judge but you did ask for honesty. But all in all I liked it you have a pretty good voice theres just something weird with how you pronounce somethings. Crit mine?

it was decent, like everyone said, the tempo floats around.

the way to get rid of plosive sections is to use a pop filter... cheapest wat is to stick a sock over the mic. the outro was very strange in that it panned left, and then your phaser kicked in or whatever.

vocally it sounds like you kind of slur or roll your words a bit as well as sound a bit strained. i'm not sure if its how you sing normally, but it sounds like your singing incorrectly to me.