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Can I build an amp or something with it?
i dunno. is your name Angus MacGyver?

can you make a bomb from chewing gum and cigarette ashes?

can you fabricate an aircraft from bamboo using only a swiss-army knife and duct tape?

if the answer to any of these questions is no, then it's also no to the idea of you making an amp with this tube. while it is a pentode and triode in a single 9pin package, you'll need a helluva lot more than that to make an amplifier. and it's russian, with little tech data available for it. i seriously doubt you have the skills or knowledge.
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find the heater voltage and use the tube to heat soup?

If there was more info available on it you could've possibly made something from it as pentodes are usually used for power amp stages and triodes are for previous gain stages. If you're willing learn about valve amps first and how their valves are used you could make something of it..but you'd need more tubes though like a 12AX7 or something. Look at a valve junior schematic for a fairly simple great sounding amp.

EDIT looked at a datasheet and the gain seems to small for an power amp stage.
A warm sounding headphone amp perhaps?
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Not all tubes are useful in guitar amps. Stuff I could find lists it as a radio tube. The russians until not long ago were still using tubes in military equipment. So it could be used in radios in a tank, plane something like that. Doubtful it has any guitar amp use.
Isn't it a bit like saying "I have a guitar pot, can I build a guitar or something with it?" If you think about it, you would require a lot more stuff. And the pot might might not be suitable for your purposes...

So, on it's own, No