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Multi-Instrumentalists FTW!!!
Hey man.
The song sounds pretty good so I'll name some pro's and cons.

- The acoustic guitar had good tone
- The vocals were good
- I really liked the tone of the solo and it fit well with the acoustic fell of the song
- You were in rhythm and the song structure makes sense
- The recording quality is good enough to get a sense of what you want if you ever go in a studio.

- The acoustic guitar seems to be in the center of the mix which should be changed and the volume should be brought up. The guitar sound good just needs to adjusted.
- Remember the vocals should be front and center so makes sure to try to make them as clean as you can.
- The drums definitely sounds like midi drums try different variations in the drums and adding fills, messing with the eq's to make the drums seems more real. Or at least good for not being real.

Overall good sounds idea and keep doing what you do

Mind crititng mine?
Smile alot today... okay?
in response to the drumming. it was the lead guitair player that played the drums. yes, they were real drums. now, not a good set mind you ,but all we had. and he dosent really know how to play drums. he just kept it down pretty good.

Sorry to sound mean.....wasnt intended to be. Thanks for the comment!
Multi-Instrumentalists FTW!!!