I wanted to try using the built in Garage Band effects on my mac so I did this little improv recording. There's alot of buzz going on and that's because I didn't turn up the gate high enough.
The track is pretty sloppy at times and my axe got out of tune during the last minutes. This was the very first take and the exaggerated movements where spontaneus. Hope you have a good laugh at all of the faces I make and enjoy the track.
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Yeah i could laugh but i can see it is all very emotion tha's coming out..
amazing guitar playing, there are a lot of guitarplayers on youtube i seen playing
that style, i think you are connect the playing wel with lots of emotion..

First of all you have very cool hair. and the buzz doesnt bother at all.

and the guitar playing is very slick and the pinch harmonics scattered throughout added spontaneity to the track. The whammy work is also very expressive and fely good in the track. and man those facial expressions were just perfect added to the fell of the sound I like your use of the fretboard and at time sit looked like you would run out of stuff to do but came back. Overall very cool track. Just keep the guitar in tune and you'll make some very interesting tracks.

Mine critting mine?
Smile alot today... okay?
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Sounds great, dude.

Unfortunately, I didn't see any "pron", anyone nude, or any tits or ass.

I really like your tone. Your tapping is great too.

Out of curiosity, what key is this in? What logic is behind this track?

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It is pretty embarassing but you know how it is , some extra views are always nice .
It is in D minor and changes to C minor at times.

My Jackson goes out of tune nowadays becayse the LFR is pretty worn out .
I'm getting myself a new guitar in a couple of months though.
Probably will get an american strat or an Ibanez 1570 .

Thank you guys , rock on.