As you may know (or probably don't give a flying F**K) my b-day is fast approching. With the cash earned by work and moolah from relatives im planing to buy a new amp. I've narrowed it it down to the Epi Valve Junior and the Fender Blues Junior. I have access through my job at the local music shop to try both these fine amps and I was wondering the opinion of the fine people of UG to help sort out and prevail with the greater purchase.

Also give personal feedback (if you have any) about your personal experiences with either or both amps.

Thanks in advance, Brad
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Epi has better speakers, but needs a tube change from stock, and chews through tubes without a voltage mod(easy fix).

The fender is better stock(save for the speaker), but it's tube chewing is faster and not (easily) fixed.
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i personally like the blues junior. the cleans are much better. the overdrive is allright but you can just put a OD pedal and make it sound great. the speaker isnt that great but it does the job, it can be replaced if you feel the need to.
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