Ashdown. Check out something like a MAG C115-300. I haven't played it too much with metal stuff but it kicks ass on jazz and funk stuff as well as hard rock. It's got rock solid presence on the low end, even on five string.

It's certainly one of the most versatile amps I've played.
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Not the MAG series, the ABM is priced higher (for good enough reasons though).

EDIT: Oh, what size gigs are you planning on playing in the near future, what set-up does your guitarist have (you'll need to keep up with his/her volume hungry fingers), and have you considered used gear?

If you liked the sound of an Ashdown rig you could start with a http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ashdown-MAG-C410T300-Combo-Bass-Amp?sku=485034
Yes, it's $600, but used you can easily get it cheaper.

Other than that, if you want the best bang for your buck look into used gear, something local that won't add massive shipping fee's.

Second EDIT: Are you just looking to get a head? If so, what cabs are you going to be playing through?
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