I'm looking to trade my Crybaby from Hell for a different (maybe simpler) wah. It's in great condition, and I have the box, paperwork, wrench, and rubber feet, etc. I'm open to any reasonable trade offer.

Where do you live?
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U.S. So it probably would not be worthwhile for either of us. BTW Red Dwarf rocks!
Weeping demon
i know it's not simpler but
i've always wanted a Crybaby from hell
dimebag is my favourite player
so get back to me
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I'm just looking for other Wahs at the moment. I'm not interested in the Original Crybaby. If you've got another model please be a bit more specific and include the exact model info.
I have a 535q crybaby. Hardly used and I have the box and all of the papers. What state do you live in?

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
Hey, I know someone already offered one but how bout a Weeping Demon? It's brand new mint, with the box, receipt, bag and everything it came with. I bought it for bass and with the right settings it gets a very good Cliff Burton sound (I use it with a ProCo rat but with big muff it sounds awesome). It works differently from a Crybaby and whatever it is that different makes it sound much closer to Morley wahs rather than dunlop. For guitar it wasn't my favorite (I'm more of that classic sound) but it was great for bass. The wah I want is the CFH and eventually I'll get the Morley PWB like Cliff used instead of using a substitute. This is a very nice wah but I want something different.
ive got a weeping demon
and id love to have a crybaby from hell