i do this all the time. i pick a song i like (most of the time it's a song that i don't have on my itunes since i don't illegally download music) and i just play it over and over. i don't really even watch the actual video, i just use it for the music. i've been playing death cab for cutie's new song "i will possess your heart" right now

does anyone else do this?
Youtube needs a repeat function for that exact reason.
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Too bad they removed their easy quicklist thing, because then, you can que a bunch of videos and have them all play.
I use Winamp, though. I have a ton of music
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i do it all the time.
whenever i dont wanna hear a song in my iTunes library, i use youtube.
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o hell yes, all i do on the internet is go on here, wikipedia and listen 2 music on youtube
No, it's a waste of time and effort, if I want to listen to radio I don't want to put effort into selecting songs, so I just use Last fm, if I don't like a song I can skip it.