Alright so I've had a BOSS ME-50 for 5 years now and I'm officially fed up with the crap sound that comes out of it.

Right now I'm using:
Ibanez XPT700 with Dmarzio D activators
the BOSS ME-50
and an Ibanez TBX150 amp.. (ya I know it's a terrible solid state combo amp)

So I play a range of things from rock to thrash and I'd like to find a good distortion pedal that is versatile and can basically do that sort of range. I was looking at the Visual Sound V2 Jekyll & Hyde but I'd like to get some different opinions on what's out there and stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated...
Oh and budgets no issue
the points to get a new effects pedal because im sick of the PoS multi effects and want to get single effects...
i know i need a new amp already lol.... believe me i know
Personally I use a Metal Muff with Top Boost and its the best distortion box I've used, but thats probably because I have a low budget. It's usually around $100, but I got mine at musiciansfriend.com for 90.
See but if i save money and go for the amp, i'm going to be saving for a long ass time because its probably gonna have to be a Marshall JCM800 2203KK and 1960A Half stack
which will run almost to $3000