i hav been playing electric guitar for about a year now and i think i should be getting an acoustic guitar. the only problem is i dont really know how to teel the good from the bad lol. i dont want to spend more than 300 pounds.
any suggestions
I'm a fan of Takamine's low-mid range acoustics. You might be able to find a solid top Tak for 300 pounds but I'm not positive. Either way I'm a fan of their sound, it tends to be pretty tight for the price.
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whats the conversion for pounds to USD? because if its in the 400-500 range in USD then I highly suggest the Epiphone Masterbilt series, any of the models they have will surely please you.
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i think 300 pounds is around 500 dollars but in not sure exactly

Then I'd definetly check out the Epiphone Masterbilt series, I recommend the EF-500M and the DR-500M. Both are GREAT guitars for the price. The EF-500M is $500 USD and the DR-500M is $450 USD I believe. But i do encourage you to try these 2 models out, they are very good guitars for the price range, even the best maybe.