Yesterday I was baked and in the music store with a friend. We were both getting strings. He gets some Ernie Ball Super Slinkies and I reach for the good ol' GHS. He stops me, telling me Ernie Ball's are better.

Normally I would disregard this and get my usual GHS 10's, but instead, I listened and bought these strings.

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Now I have them, and I want to try them out, but I still have a fairly new set of GHS's on my guitar. I could go ahead and change to see what the Ernie Ball strings are like, or I could leave my GHS on until they wear out.

I'm curious, but also poor. What should I do? Try out some Ernie Ball strings or stick with the GHS until they're spent?
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i swear by ernie ball. but i've recently played a set of GHS 11's that i also really like..

i say put the slinkys on though. well worth it.
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Stick with them till they are spent. If they are perfectly good strings then why would you take them off?
Well strings seem to only last about 3 weeks for me, so If I was 2 weeks in I'd probly switch. And you should probly switch strings while they are still good, it'll give you a better feel on the new, new strings... follow?

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I use EB Slinkys Exclusively on electrics and love them....
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