Ok so now that I have my new acoustic guitar I'm dying to learn some nifty acoustical songs. I'm lookin for like songs that sound great but just aren't chords either, because I get bored with just playing chords. I'm already learning I Will Follow You Into the Dark because I plan on singing along with playing the guitar, but I was looking for some songs that you don't have to sing for it to be interesting. And no Classical Gas-esque stuff either, I'm not the best at fingerpicking..So yeah if you guys could recommend some great, somewhat difficult songs to learn then that'd be great . Thanks.
Acoustic Medly- In Flames

Its Amazing
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patterns in the ivy1 2
still day beneath the sun
whole "damnation" album lol

really cool stuff to play, and not very hard =)
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Acoustic Medly- In Flames

Its Amazing

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