Is it really anygood? I went to it looked at it...and thought this looks ****ing stupid(so stupid in fact that I didn't even bother clicking on a forum)...
It's not better than The Pit is it?
...in the simplest terms, bricks will be shat.
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Quote by IcePh0enix
The Pit is like 4chan, but not as 4chan'ish.

Which in return makes it better then 4chan.

well explain what it's like in there
4chan = the dark side of the pit. Don't go young one. You'll regret it.

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Quote by MetalIsBrootalz
well explain what it's like in there

It's like knocking down an aisle at Toys R' Us, getting a bloody nose, and then eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
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It's your one-stop-shop for anime porn and retarded conversation.
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The forum is the most misunderstood corner of the internet, and is often either hated or loved out of ignorance.
Quote by RPGoof
/b/ sucks. It's ALL MEMES.
The Pit rocks. It's no memes.

No the pit is just reposts of 4chan memes.
4chan is not that bad.
/b/ is the place that gets such a bad reputation (which is unfair in my opinion) ; although most, if not all, of the funny/weird/crazy content of the internet comes from there, so it deserves some slack.
recently i've been seeing the pit slip into the same abyss that 4chan is in, but luckily the mods are here to prevent that from happening.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.