since the 'how to receive a warning/ban' thread is closed, i dunno where else to post this, my first post.

as i wrote in my 2nd bloggy thing (i have huge issues w/that word but hey, i'm off-topic) anyway, i've posted the dates the Alabama 3 are touring the States next week, first time they've been back there since nov 2000.

they're not MY band (well, they're 'mine' but i'm not onstage though i was asked in Dublin last Summer) but i AM on their new album, M.O.R cause i want EVERYBODY to hear me (it's a total musical departure from their previous albums).

so... does the posting of their American dates in any thread here, is that considered spam? or what? i'd link to M.O.R but wanna abide by the roolz cause i have LOTS to say and not only about the Alabama 3.

TIA for any help on this...
sighhhhhhh... *tumbleweed*

somewhere in the South Western Desert, an occasional tumbleweed rolls down an empty, never-used highway in the silence of a now-abandoned mock-up of a small town, once used by our government to test out nuclear weapons in the early 1940s.

the full moon shines down on a lone desert wolfpup who barks then slinks off somewhere in the wilderness due to noticing the first errant traveller, the first human the pup's ever seen: serial killer who pulls off the disused roadway, parks and drags his duct-taped victim from a nondescript white paneltruck. apart from the wolf, there's nobody around to witness the horror, the horror.

LOL, i'm assuming it's cool to post Alabama 3's tourdates even though i'm only in the band on their last album. i'll look about for the proper place when i get back. forget it, Cleveland House of Blues tonight, the rest in my next blog, not up yet, the last one where i sed i'd put the tourdate's:

LOL, duhhhhh... i already posted the dates in my first blog THANK YOU SENILITY! BASTARD! hahahahaha... *wack*

anyway: 1. july NYC, NY: Fillmore at Irving Plaza (my old stomping grounds) OVER & DONE WITH LAST NITE

TONIGHT: 2. july Cleveland Ohio: House of Blues

TOMORROW: 3. july Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Summerfest

4. july Chicago, IL: Cubby Bear at Wrigleyville (benefitting the Nat'l Autism Foundation)

5. july Rothbury, Michigan: Rothbury Festival (they're listed as A3 on the site