Currently, I'm playing a Nashville Tele, a Tele with a middle Strat pu, but soon I'm getting a Squier Classic Vibe Tele for just pure Tele tones and I'm intending to sell the Nashville. I also intend to get a Strat, and after seeing a G&L Black Beauty, I have a good idea of what.

Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple w/Ebony Fretboard and Pearl dot inlays
Headstock/Nut: Reverse Headstock, Black, Graphite Nut or LSR Roller Nut

That's basically it, probably just get some pots and such from Musician's Friend, Warmoth has some wires and such. But I do have a few questions on some things.

For the bridge, I'm thinking of getting this-
How hard is it to install?

For the neck, I'm thinking of a Warmoth Pro with the Reverse Headstock (painted black), and either the Graphite or LSR Roller nut. Anyone mind describing me the differences between the two?

And pick-ups, I was thinking of getting something like this-
I want chimey, bell-like tones (Think maybe John Mayer and SRV "Lenny?). I also want a nice sharp bite for SRV and Hendrix, but that isn't as important to me.

Or just getting this-
and changing the neck and pick-ups. Right now, I'm thinking about this right because if I buy the guitar, I can play it right off the bat and then save money for the mods.
I think putting one together yourself would be a better idea. Its pretty much an American-made Strat assembled by hand, versus a MiM Strat with some parts changed out. If I were you, I would buy the Lite Ash Strat to have a Lite Ash, not to mod it out much. And buying the parts might be cheaper than buying the Lite Ash Strat.
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Have you considerted boutique pickups?
The set I got from rockmonkeyguitars.com were amazing, better than any Fenders or Duncans I've tried.
Pluis, the owner/winder of RMG gives a 10% discount to UG members.

Forgot all about him, thanks. I'll probably get those for pick-ups, but still, what does everyone think on the whole assembled by hand vs. modded Lite Ash?

Oh, and the LSR Roller Nut and Graphtech?
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From the looks of it, I"m not exactly thrilled to spent that much on pick-ups and I am really wondering if anyone has any experience with the pick-ups I linked to (or any GFS pups).
Well, I'm not looking for an exact SRV tone, frankly, I prefer the sound of my Tele for stuff like that, I'm looking for a more mellow sound however. Think SRV's Charley.
Even then, GFS' lipstick pickups aren't like real lipstick pickups. Real ones are 4-6k. GFS' lipstick pickups are wound rather hot. I'll have to go listen to that song, I'm not familiar with it.

In my experience. it's always better to invest in quality gear...It pays off. Just sayin'. and RMG's pickups are actually well priced, and affordable, compared to most boutique winders.
Charley is one of SRV's guitar, one with lipstick pick-ups. But I do hear what you're saying, and if by chance I'm not able to get RMG pups, any SD pick-ups worhwhile?
Alright, thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to get the RMG's when build time comes, but if someone could elaborate on the Graphtech nut/LSR Roller, I'd be very thankful.
GFS makes great P-90s, mean 90s, no stagger overwound strat sets, prewired pickguards(for the cash), vintage 59s are very nice, as is most of their bridges.
The potentiometers, input jacks, and tuners, not good at all.
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If you need to save a little cash, you can fake a graphite nut by rubbing pencil lead in the string grooves of your nut whenever you restring.
^ Heh, I do that now. ^-^ I'm just wondering if I should invest in a Graphtech or LSR Roller nut and what are the advantages of each.
Let's say I did order all these parts, if I was handy with a solder, screwing, how hard would it be? I'm mostly worrying about the bridge. Heh, maybe I'll find a Lite Ash Strat for cheap.
I still have a few unanswered questions and I have another one. With the ash body and ebony fretboard, how bright might this be?