As I have mentioned many a-time as of recent I have been (about a month ago) to Ireland to the Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival in Ballyshannon, taking in the sights and sounds along the way.
This isn't specifically to do with blues however it's largely abotu Rory Gallagher and the tribute festival so I thought it would fit here. Whilst going to the festival me and my Dad (as some of you know, ex-Rory roadie, I made a thread around here ages back about it) stopped off at Dublin, then made our way up to Belfast, where we then made a journey up to Ballycastle then back down to belfast before heading to Ballyshannon for the remainder of our stay.

As noone would read a wall of text about the week, I'll let the 44 pictures explain just how great it was. (the reason it's about a month after is because I only just got the pictures back) Oh and I do apologise for the quality, the photos are fine, it's just my scanner. Sorry!

Here I am at Phil Lynott's grave in Dublin. It was a really peaceful site, the weather was nice too, a light breeze to get my hair goin' for the photo's

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Raheny DART station, we were on our way into the town to see some friends and spill some drinks.

Me, my Dad and Joe, a Dublin guitarist, amazing at blues, also great at acoustic, at the Bronze Statue of Lynott in Dublin. (Just before the drinks )

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Gallagher on Dublin's Wall of Fame, he must've been good to get on it, he's not even from Dublin!

Rory Gallagher corner, and the bronze Strat in Dublin.

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Giant's Causeway in Belfast, with my Dad and Barry McGivern of Double Vision (Rory tribute band) you'll probably recognise this from a Led Zep album. (I believe it's IV not 100% on that though).

George Best's grave, I'm not into Football but my Dad and McGivern are so we took a look here.

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ow in ballyshannon, the first couple of days (we got there early to soak up the sights and get settled, on wednesday, it started (properly) on friday) were rather quiet, you could walk down the street and soak up the oddly good weather, however, friday hits, the place is FLOODED with bottles, cans, cups, food wrappers and people, as well as some live acts doing open air, anywho, when non of the people we wanted to see were on, we decided to take a walk up to the, ironically named, Rock Hospital where Rory Gallagher was born (it's now a retirement home) and the area of the town (the more residential area, it's all very close toghether due to the tiny size) was deserted, noone but a few locals walking, a great day too so we soaked up the sun and walked around a bit.

On this one a car was coming through the entrance so I was pointing it out. . .wrong timing

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Well by Friday night the drinks were really flowing and the gigs were taking over, anyway, I'd been invited to play with Double Vision, also a family that had been going for a few years, had a son who played guitar, so he was invited up also, it cut my "setlist" down to 2 instead of 4 but I really didn't mind, was great craic.

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During Shadow Play I decided to follow the Exampleof Rory Gallagher and (for those who've seen the Montreux version of this) jump into the crowd, it seemed to get me quite popular:

However this picture is the reason I hate guitar faces!
My Dad continuously tells me how he had a perfect picture lined up with McGivern th ethe right, me to the left and you could see Keiron the bassist in between us, and he just went to snap it then thought "Where the **** is he?" then he looks in the crowd and I'm giving it all this *motions duck walking and shaking a guitar*, I won't hear the end of that, he was gobsmacked, apparently he had tears rolling down his eyes watching me play Gallagher.

The Drummer for Double Vision was also amazing, taught by John "Gypsy" Wilson (Of taste) incredible, it should be illegal to play how he does!

Keiron was an insane bassist, was in it all to have a laugh but still went flat out from start to finish.
I also played with an Italian band called Bonus Track, Blues/Jazz band, seriously incredible musicians, the only bad thing is, as they were from italy they had to borrow gear, so the frontman is always landed with an MG100DFX, however, he sticks it on the clean and runs a couple of his own things through it and you would not believe it was an MG! Now that shows that tone is in the fingers!

Hope I didn't bore anyone, just wanted to share these pictures of an amazing week in Ireland, had some great times, made some great friends, was just awesome.

Also I'm really sorry for the amount of posts I've had to make, I didn't realise that 44 images was over the limit
Heh just look around, you an do stuff like this surprisingly cheap. However my Dad (being rather old now so he pretty much just rides off his van driving job, easy money) had to go all out.
But all in all, if you know people, transport and food can sometimes be all you pay for.
wow man, that's awesome. I'm of the belief that travel is one of the most important things you can do in order to really be complete as a human being, so it's great that you managed to not only travel, but do it with your guitar! This reminded me how much I want to get over to Chicago, I guess I'll follow your footsteps and try to get some photos while I'm over there.

It's good that you had fun, and it's good that you got to see some Blues landmarks. I wanna go to Ireland... >.<
Hah, the bronze Rory strat waws really quite a sight, pity I could barely see it, my eyes are pretty bad and I wasn't wearing my glasses!

But yeah, going to the causeway (houses of the holy place.) I had no clue what it was and then I was like "holy crap THIS is what the causeway is!?" Heh.

And to Sharck, take your guitar whereever you go, I do because I'd die without a guitar but there could be opportunities to jam or something.
And going to ireland would be worth it so much, not just the blues landmarks, everything else, the people are great, the places are great, the economy is much better than England ('cept the job positions, not too many jobs over there), there's an australian couple who go to the Roryfest every two years, they spend those two years saving up to go on a UK tour that lasts about a month or two which has the festival in the middle of it.

I advise anyone, if they like Rory music and a good time, BallyShannon Rory Gallagher tribute festival, the best times you could have.
Lucky bastard. Looks like you had a good time. Jamming Rory tunes in Ireland! Cool