I'm going to go rent a movie or two soon, and I was wondering if Strange Wilderness was any good.

If it wasn't, I'm open to suggestions!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, GO!
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If you can get more than one, get The Prestige. The end will totally blow your mind.
^ same i heard it was supposed to be pretty good and all but i was really dissapointed by it. still cant beat that shark laughing
its not a good movie if you want something like a real movie. its hilarious though, its like Superbad or Accepted or the like
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its epic, get it ! lol

lolololololololol ! ! ! !

Get Children of Men.
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its epic, get it ! lol

This movie is totally not epic, if you want an EPIC movie, get Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy, now that is a ****ing movie, its like my bible. Its ****ing great.

But yeah strange wilderness isnt bad, its decent.
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It's stupidly funny. It's almost like they didn't even have a script and just improved the whole thing. Might as well get some ganja while you are out it should be fun while watching it.
Most of my friends loved it... excluding the ones who are too "mature".
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