It can't be that bad because I listened to all the songs, and I'm picky. You guys just have to get a little more creative. I think the best songs were memories and take it all away. Better off dead was pretty good too. There's just not a lot of dynamics. It's clean guitar or distorted, and then the flange or phaser thing in take it all away. The guitarists need to figure out their tones a bit better and to be a little more creative strumming wise. The drummer seemed a bit out of it on memories. Other than that everybody was ok and the singer sounds at least right. Its just a matter of time, growth, and maturity.
I don't think you really need to listen to musicman701. Unfortunately it's comments like "whoa that sucks ass/holy **** give up" that don't contribute anything and don't actual tell you why they think things suck.

Anyways, listening to "Memories Part 2" I can say that your singer has a good voice, but there are a few things that I don't like. The first is the build at 0:42 because it doesn't feel like it fits at all. At about 1:40 I can hear a hi-hat being hit that sounds off and it really distracted me, but most people probably won't notice. Other than that, pretty solid except for a few rhythmic issues throughout.

I like the acoustic opening for "Addicted" and the way that the electric guitar comes in. I like it when the drums come in, but when everything goes back to being softer when the singing starts it sounds weird. I'm not a fan of the lyrics, but this is a pretty catchy tune. Once again, not a bad track except for a few rhythmic issues that will sort themselves out with practice over time.

I don't really like the heavy part in "Blind", and the vocals seem kinda slurred at the beginning of this track. Once again, I really can only point out that there are some rhythmic issues that need to be sorted out sooner or later (preferably sooner).

I like the opening to "Better Off Dead", it's very catchy and I quite like the bassline. This is probably my favourite tune so far, it's simple and catchy and keeps the listeners attention. Sadly, I have to point out rhythmic issues in this one as well. I think that once you guys fix the rhythm of all these tracks you'll sound a lot better. I like the backup vocals - they sound good.

After listening to "Better Off Dead", hearing "Take It All Away" is kind of disappointing - it doesn't have the same vibe that I got from the previous track. I'm really sorry to mention it again - but timing is a big issue for you guys. Everything else sounds great, but I'm a nag in terms of being in time. I like the lead parts in this tune.

Overall I recommend you focus on playing in time together. When practicing alone play along to a metronome or a click track. Once you've got the timing issues sorted out I guarantee that everything will sound a lot better. If I were your drummer I would practice basic drum techniques - yes, boring stuff. It sucks, and I know it's boring but I guarantee that it will help your playing a lot in the long run. Eventually, you'll be able to slip more intricate drumming patterns into your songs with ease without worrying about falling out of time.

If you've got a chance check out my acoustic project and let me know what you think http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968