Well I am going to be going to GC for an acoustic guitar tomorrow for my birthday. And as far as acoustic guitars go or really all guitars in general, I don't know much about them. I have been playing for a few months and think I should get an acoustic guitar.

Now the research on the topic I have done is that probably once of the best acoustics at around $200 is the Yamaha FG700S. I was wondering what you guys think. I have read nothing but praise for this guitar. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.
I actually have a Yamaha FG700s and i HIGHLY recommend it- I tested out a couple of guitars when I went to my local GC and I found the FG700s sounded wonderful for it's price. The factory strings are eh.. but that's common. Anywho, I recommend it! Let me not blabber for too long, kinda tired =P