Well, earlier, I went out to a fancy restaurant for a family dinner. Like... dress pants, shirts, etc. Well... Let's just say that I took both insult to injury.

We all stood up before we started eating for some reason, and all sat down. Everyone sat down before me, because I had to sneeze, then I sat down.

Now, this must have happened because of the combination of loose boxers and loose dress pants, but essentially, the worst thing that could happen to a male in this situation happened.

I sat on my balls.

90 to 95-ish pounds (125 minus what i think my legs are) sitting directly on John and Bob.


Needless to say, a quite loud yell erupted from me, and i fell out of my chair in the fetal position.

The problem is, that on the way down, I hit my pair of manlies on the CORNER OF THE CHAIR.

It was quite a fiasco

Anyone else ever done this?

EDIT: Sorry, I accidentally hit the post button but I forgot that last part.
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no. But god, i feel for you man....
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wait how do you sit on your balls?
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the most embarrassing moment of your life is sitting on your balls?

get out more
Ouch, you must have been hanging low dude. I once jumped off a diving board and somehow it hurt my balls like crazy.
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the most embarrassing moment of your life is sitting on your balls?

get out more

Sorry, I should've said my most embarassing moment ever around my extended family.

There have been others, just in school or with friends or something like that.
I once hugged this random person because I thought she was my mom.

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You sat on your balls.
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I called my teacher "mom" one time.

I think everyone's done that atleast once lol.

And owch dude, that's gotta freaking hurt.
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I dunno how you managed to do that, but it's hilarious.

all the time dude. i think ive built like calusis (spelling?) on them i do it so much... id be lucky to be able to have kids
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