so i was looking on musicans friend, looking for cabs to put my soon to be bought 6505+ to put on top. and i found this baby

i know it might not look that pretty but i know the guitarist from black dahlia murder uses this cab. also are V30's a good choice for 6505, im thinking its perfect, cause it owuld bring a more pronounced round brown tone that the 6505 was made for :P
OMG it weighs 98 lbs... is that normal for a 4x12 cab
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Quote by convictionless
can you answer my speaker question? im startign to double think that v30.

v30's are the norm for metal cabs.

TBH, i'd just get a mesa 2x12.
Is there any special reason that you need a 4x12? If you do need a 4x12, i've heard good things about the line6 cabs with the V30's Also, i dont really like how it says, Rugged birch construction. Makes me think of particle board, IMO.
If you didnt mind used, find a used cab on craigslist. You can get a marshall jcm 800/900 4x12 for 400-500 in minnesota, i dont know why it would be much different where you are.
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