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hi everyon i'm always looking for good music. This thread si for people to list the favorite bands and songs.
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my all time favorite band is alice cooper. hes freakin amazing. i love his trash, hey stoopid, and the last temptation albums.....
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...sounds like music to me
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Exemption!!!! love those guys, the rabit hole is one of the best CD's ive ever bought
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I'm currently watchin BFMV's live DVD and its got some good licks. for rock try Radiohead's "Best Of" which i recently started listenin to and maybe some Puddle of Mudd.

Hope that helps and that you haven't heard all that.

Good Luck /

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Favorite metal band: Opeth

Favorite Rock Band: Porcupine Tree

If you haven't heard of either and enjoy prog music, take a big friggin' gander at these guys...

Oh, and if you like psychadelica PT's first few albums are psychadelic rock in the sense of Pink Floyd.
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