My dad's a dentist, which is basically a surgeon ( in terms of how he uses his hands) and he used to play the guitar when he was younger. I asked him if he'd like to get back into it sometime and he said that he can't because the callouses on his fingers would affect his work. He said that callouses would cause him to not be able to feel things as easily as normal skin, or something like this. Is this a legitimate concern?

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i think if he doesnt have callouses now and then built them up then it would affect it.

if they'd been there for a long time then maybe not so much.

idk. just a thought.
i'd say it is. trust me. i cant feel a thing on tips of my fingers anymore and when it come to that kind of stuff you really want to be able to "feel what your doing.

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i think this is more of a Musicians Talk or a Pit thread...

anywho, if he doesnt have them now, i dont think hed be able to feel properly if theyre newly built, but if they were there for a few years, it wouldnt be a problem
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I have to agree, I cannot feel anything on the tipe of my fingers now, well, not enough to matter.

There have been a couple of occations where it was a bother and it probably ties to you dad's situation as well. I had my hands buried in a computer case "feeling" my way around. It got downright annoying not being able to "feel" my way around like I always have.