Listen to 'Tone Test' on my profile.

I am running a Bad Monkey (Level at 5, Low at 7, High at 9, Gain at 3) into a Valve Junior at 8 o'clock. I am recording with an SM57, placed about an inch away from the amp, to the right and at the bottom of the top third of the grill. Then UX1 into Mixcraft.

For Tone Test 2 - Bass I cut down to 5. I moved the mic to where the speaker cone is, but still above it. It is now about 1cm from the grill.

But yeah, this sound is pretty ****. I was expecting something a little more pro quality.

I am looking to get an ACDC tone. At the moment, if you listen, it sounds really dull when compared to the songs I play.

So what can I do - including amp and pedal settings and volumes, mic placement, EQing in Mixcraft etc.?
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I think it sounds good. For AC DC tone you might want to put your gain up a little bit. I know that angus and his brother set theirs at about 4 and a half to 5. Try that.
your playing sucks
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now that i have listened to the second one, it sounds better, but still a little more gain. And if you are playing any solos you might want to try and find something that will give it a little kick. Good sound man!!!
Put the mids up to about 7-8, and the gain up a few notches. Make sure your tone knob on your guitar is on zero (or 10...I can never remember which is which) and that you're using the bridge pickup. I don't know anything about your amp so that might be a problem as well.
actually for an acdc tone that is pretty close for not having a marshall amp screaming loud. I think you are probably more disappointed in hearing how you are playing.
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i would say bump the treble setting on ur amp and the gain a touch, also angus plays with his strings just millimetres above the pickup, just so that they clear the pickup on the highest fret, i did that and it makes the strings "pop" when u play, sounds awsome...
i think the tones pretty much there....try double tracking and pan one 75% left and the other 75% right..also try to tighten up your playing..practice practice practice!
Thanks for the tips. Yeah, **** playing I know. I only learnt Back in Black/Noise Pollution a couple of days ago so I admit they're pretty sloppy.

Sorry for my noobness, but treble is the highs yeah? That's maxed out on the pedal and the VJ only has volume.

I'm gonna raise the pickups now, but is it only the bridge pickup?

Is double tracking supposed to be recorded in two takes or by using two mics? Because I have two 57s at my disposal.

Last thing - what should I add in terms of effects in the audio sequencer ie. reverb and equalisation etc.?
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Double tracking is multiple takes, not mics. You can however use the 2 Sm57s to your advantage, by putting 1 near the cone on axis, and one further torwards the edge of the speaker, maybe slightly off-acis. Just make sure they are the same exact distance from the grill (or very close) or else you will run into phasing issues. Adjust the exact placement and balance of the mics to your liking.