So I'm getting a Peavey Valveking 112. I've heard it can sound muddy at times so I was reccomended by a few people to either a)get a nice overdrive pedal to go with it or b)change the speaker.

Just want opinions on which would be the more ideal thing to do.
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The speaker change. The overdrive pedal will tighten up/add to the gain, but the new speaker will improve the overall quality of the sound.

I'd go with either V30's, or even better, Classic Lead 80's (thats what many boutique amps/cabs have)
If you don't like the amps sound as it is there ain't much point buying it. In my opinion, a tube amp will have better tones than a pedal.

A speaker and tube change may be best. But i have no knowledge of either.

Good Luck

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