saw it at guitar center. 350 new or 250 used. i wanna kno if its good or not. right now if have a behringer gmx1200h so i already kno its better than that. put in ur opinions and let me kno whats good or bad about it. should i get the new or used one. and why is it so small compared to other amp heads?
^ I wouldn't get it, even at that price it's just a bad SS amp you'll want to replace. There are better amps available in the price range you listed.

What sort of music do you play?
Also will you be gigging?
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Yeah id advise that you don't get it. Very bad amp all round.

What's your budget and what do you like to play? There will be better in the price range.
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To be honest I have never played the amp. But i was thinkin about gettin one a while back and though demos and reviews i decided against it. Depending on your situation it could be for you or not. If you want a simple, mediocre sounding amp with some diversity to find some sounds then i would say maybe. If you want a gig worthy amp then perhaps a little saving up would be best.

For youreslf you should go that guitar center and try it out along iwth some other amps near your budget, then if you need to check out reviews and demos on youtube.

Good luck!

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