Hopefully I can explain this right, I've been playing for 6 months now on acoustic(Alvarez RD20 and a Simon & Patrick SC) all self taught and I feel as though I'm progressing as I should...By that I mean that for the amount of time I put in (1-2 hours a day) I'm getting back what I'm putting in...Anyways, I've learned a handful of songs all the way through and another handful just partially/half-way through and I notice on some songs I just sound 'choppy'. And it seems like it's mostly on more moderately to moderately fast solo's...An example would be a song I know in and out front to backwards and whatever else cliches are out there...The end solo on Lake of Fire(Meat Puppets playing their song on Nirvana Unplugged) even with my limited experience with scales I clearly noticed that it was in the 'blues scale' which I've practiced a countless amount of time and have become proficient in but I just can't get the said song solo(and a few others)to sound right.

It sounds good to me but not like it should...I can blend some of it in and other parts just sound like a stop and stall kind of sound...Like instead of one continuos blend of solo it gets choppy...Keep in mind I'm not talking about right and wrong notes as I know what I'm playing it's just that it's not coming out as smooth as I'd like.

Could you experienced guitarists here on the UG help me out? Maybe it's fingering or maybe it's just time that I take some lessons and shore up some of my weaknesses? Any helpful comments are appreciated
You just need more practice, the better you get, the more control you have over what you are doing, obviously. I still am a pretty crap guitarist, but none the less, things I learnt a year ago, I can make sound much better now, despite the fact I wasn't making any mistakes on some of the pieces back then.
Slow the tracks down using Media Player to hear the small naunces and details, then practice it that slowly and increase the speed.

Try some exercises for hand co-ordination and syncronisation of both hands together to improve your efficiancy.

Make sure your phrasing is right and remember that exact copies aren't always best, make it your own?

Good Luck!

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