god, I cant get over this. Everyone says that im " the best guitarist in school" and I really don't care. Since everyone learns like 80's rock. I wanted to be different, so I tried blues, and I love it. But, lately i've been just not being 100% on it. Is it that I don't like it ? I dont know, I have been playing blues for a few months, and I have been plying guitar for about 1 year and 5 months
everybody at some point or the other gets stuck in a bit of a rut..... try experimenting with different sounds and styles .... try learning some new techniques and incorporate that in your blues style....
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Expand. Maybe you are getting tired of the blues. God knows I've felt it every now and then. Maybe try out some of that 80's rock. Just play what songs you like, don't play music to be different, play music because it's what you like to do.
Learn something new. Use the bluse stuff you know and experiment with it, take little things and apply them in odd ways... try to listen to a lot of different music, both blues based and not. Practice focusing on creating interesting song structure and playing in odd meters... over all though just try to let the sound inside your head come out, without so much getting clouded by petty things like 'genre.' If the blues doesn't feel like it's quite the right way of expressing yourself, take the things you've learned and try to apply them in a way that does...
I'd say get a distortion pedal.
Danelectro FAB or a boss DS-1.
Then go to punk when you tire of blues.
Turst me, if you can play the entire ramones catalog, green day's album dookie, the sex pistols and iggy pop and the stooges without missing the blues some, then blues isn't your think.
Please do not insinuate anything sexual from that.

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