Ok, for the past 2 weeks at my house there have been raccoons in my backyard, eating from my trashcan, climbing my tree, etc.

My first notice was when i heard something in the backyard, thought it was my brother so i went outside, i turn around my door, at what at first i thought was my fat cat jacki, turns out to be this huge ****ing raccoon hissing at me! So i pretty much run inside scared ****less, so i grab my flashlight and a broom and go back outside, the big raccoon is already gone but then i look to where it was, and there are these 2 or 3 baby racoons . As one trys to run, me not thinking i swoop it with the room, the mom who is 15 feet away hisses. I run back inside again. Then i come out with a airsoft gun ... I follow them and they escape through my garden across another gate.

My second encounter was when my sleeping schedule was ****ed up and i would stay up till 7-9 am in the morning and not wake up into 5 anyways i went outside to throw some newspapers away and this thing ****ing runs and see a small glimpse but im still scared so i grab my friend who was staying with me and show him and that was it

My third/fourth was earlier today at night just the mother once again, i see it, it runs, but now im kinda use to it so i just shoo! it away. Later on that day i start hearing noises so i look out my window to see the mom digging through the trash while the 3 babies sit and wait on my recycling bin for the meal..like always i grab my awesome broom and blue flashlight and go out. The mom runs away, like always, but this time the 3 babys just sit there with these innocent eyes . But i just kinda pushed em off with the broom. I follow them and they go into the backyard. Now either she brought 3-4 other raccoons or i wasn't paying attention . So now three are in tree staring at me while the mom just goes through my garden gate. The babies follow and leave...

Now, what im wondering.. is anyone know how to get rid of em? I want to get rid of them before i get attacked by 4 or 7-8 Raccoons...suggestions?
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this happened at my house. we got some have-a-heart traps (catch-and-release cages) and put random food in them. each time we caught them, we drove waaaaay out and released them. someone else's problem now?!?!
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I say machinegun or napalm

seriously: maybe have them relocated? like get someone to trap them and move them somewhere else

Edit: ^ or just trap them yourself
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ugh, these fuckers have a nest under my house I think. And they wont run off if you yell at them.
Whip it out.
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yell "have you ever had a broomstick stuck up your ass?" if they dont leave, proceed with what was just stated and an e-cookie for the reference
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