what i have (primary only)

Fender MIA Strat Standard
Ibanez TS9
EHX Big Muff Pi
Vox AD100VT

What I plan on getting

Epi Valve Junior (I'm going to college next year i want a good practice amp for my dorm room)
EHX Super Multi Track (For looping)
Digitech Whammy (for octaves and harmonys)
BOSS SYB5 (will this even work right with guitar?)
EHX Electric Mistriss (For the flange and chorus)
Dunlop Original Crybaby (wah wah duh)

so for what i plan on getting does it look good? Anything better then it?
thats pretty sweet

digitech whammy is a bit sloppy at octaves and harmonys, cant handle more than one note at a time very well, it does have a very nice chorus built in though, making it very versatile

id maybe change the electric mistress for a phase 90, or a deluxe memory man

and why are you getting a bass synth? it will work but i cant imagine it would sound good?
Looks nice... I am not a big fan of the DS-1, but not too much of a complaint there...

What I CAN tell you is that the Valve JR is AWESOME... especially for the price... but it is LOUD. I would say too loud for a bedroom amp at college... try one out to see if you think so before buying it.... I have jammed with a band/bands AND gigged with one without turning it past 30% volume before... and at that level it is still rather clean with just a bit of breakup in the tubes.

For the wah, if you get the Dunlop, get the one with the Fasel in it.. much more vocal/musical..... that or look into a Vox or Budda Wah... before buying.
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