i found it but im not sure if its an original from Gibson or Epiphone , it looks like it but then again so much of it is hard to figure out

what im asking is if anyone can help identify what company its from since i personally have never seen an SG bass in person

here are some details :
it clearly has an SG body , looks legit but it belonged to my dads old bassist from his old old band , so i guess he felt it would be fun to give it a paint job, so now it has glitter all over it with black paint EVERWHERE, even on the prets and the markings on the 15,17,19 and the rest of the high frets

it also has a weird tail piece that i dont see on any of the SG bass's that i looked up on google , and when you look to the side there is some holes on it as if someone changed the tail piece before

here is a picture of the top , most of any SG's have an SG writen on this , but this one didnt, and it toke me about an hour to take off all of the paint off this to find out if it was a gibson or epiphone but i didnt find any help here

heres a picture of the pick guard , not much to tell but i did find that wierd block on it which i didnt find on most SG's

here is a picture of one of the pick ups , it didnt have gibson writen on it like the others i seen before
Fix pics.
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just took a look and i like it. Who cares if its epi or gibson, as long as you like it, itll be okay
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