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I was updating my profile when I realized how I discovered my favorite band, Van Halen. So maybe this thread can help bring back some good memories or reveal something you never realized.

Back in seventh grade, 5 years ago, I started liking a girl. I also became friends with a kid, and his brother always listened to the radio, and we talked and stuff. He had it on a classic rock station that I liked, and asked him what the station was. So I go home and start listening to the station, and I hear a song that reminds me of the chick. The song was "You Really Got Me", the Van Halen version. And that's how I discovered Van Halen. I then bought an album because of that song, and the rest is just history. I wasn't a guitarist at the time I discovered Van Halen, and it was a factor in my decision to play guitar.
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When I was in 7th grade, a friend of mine told me that Children of Bodom had covered the Final Countdown, and suggested that I listen to it. When I was reading over the comments on the youtube video, I learned that the cover wasn't by COB, but instead by a band named Norther. I then listened to Mirror of Madness, and I was instantly hooked.
Summer 02, my friend and I were looking for new bands and found Coheed and Cambria on google. We laughed at the name, so decided to check them out. Listened to Devil in Jersey City and I feel in love with the band
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I was searching for a tab of "Orion" by Metallica on UG, and I inadvertently came across a song called "Orion the Hunter." Being a mythology buff, I was intrigued and amused by this so-called "Symphony X." I got some songs from Windows Media Player and their website, and the rest, as they say, is a long string of borderline-obsessive fanboyism.

we were talkin on AIM, and I asked him if he liked John Petrucci. He hasn't heard any of his solo stuff, so I told him about it. Then he told me to listen to Hell's Kitchen by Dream Theater. Since then, my addiction to uber prog metal has grown to owning all their albums and some DVDs.

And epic growth of Petrucci worship.

Also, it helped me to become a better guitar player, sparked my interest of theory, got me into other prog metal bands, got me into Jordan Rudess the amazing keyboard wizard, and just got me into a whole other world of music I've never experienced.

Seriously, if it wasn't for Dream Theater, I'd still be listening to Metallica and Nirvana.
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When I was 12 my brother bought the Oearl Jam Live At The Garden DVD. And played it non-stop. I fell in love.
My dad bought a book called 1001 albums to listen to before you die. I read the page for Lucinda Williams' album Car Wheels On A Gravel Road and then went out a bought the deluxe edition for $40 with only having heard one song of it.
i was on NFS most wanted. i found blinded in chains. i listened to City of Evil.

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I got into Queen from Guitar Hero and KISS from Guitar Hero 2. When I heard Killer Queen I went, "This song is cool. I should check out their other stuff." I then went to buy a CD of theirs and now I love them. My friend is a really big KISS fan so I got him to lend me a compilation album of theirs. I probably listened to that album like 10 times a day.
My friends were talking about Metallica and I just sat back and listened because I didn't have a ****en clue what they were talking about, until I looked them up O_O

Love at first sight, got me to play guitar too.
Was watching a World Of Warcraft player-made movie (hunter pvp for those interested =p ) while Dismiss The Cynics by In Flames started playing, fell in love with the song and their older stuff (my favorit being CloudConnected <3)

Shame the new stuff sucks
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My dad played "The Spirit Of Radio" in his car one day.
I was addicted!
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I was with my cousin at his place and we wanted to play some music on the stereo and we were searching for a disc with....some rap **** (damn i was a rapper back then...) and we put this CD and the first song starts Iron Maiden - Prowler we didnt know which song was that it was his father`s cd so he told us and that`s how we discovered maiden..he liked them too and Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were the guys who motivated me to pick up a guitar
Back in the summer of 2004 my brother would always play these interesting songs by some obscure band I didn't know. I only remembered the name of one, called "Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)", and remembered another one with a weird title with "ESP" in it.

Anyways, last summer my cousin had gotten into a bunch of jam bands, Phish, Grateful Dead, Umphrey's McGee, and was excelling in guitar. He told me that half of playing guitar is playing good music, and so I tried indulging myself in something other than the simplicity of Strokes riffs.

So, then I searched for that "Roulette Dares" song on YouTube, and remembered it instantly. "Exosteletal junction at the railroad delayed!" I never forgot those lyrics. Well, then I saw a video for Intertiatic ESP. I knew that this had to be that other song that was even better. Well, turns out I went to a video with Son Et Lumiere AND Intertiatic ESP. Needless to say I was instantly captivated, and downloaded De-Loused in the Comatorium on Limewire.

The rest was history.
Hey, I just noticed I have 2 favorite bands. Metallica, GNR, Motley Crue, AC/DC and such are just bigger bands I REALLY love, but a favorite would be The Offspring. First song was "Keep 'em Separated". It was actuely the theme song for one of my favorite wrestlers Raven. Yeah. Noticed them in like '00? Much longer then Coheed.
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My father and brother listened to a few Rush songs. I grew from there into the fanatic I am.
Saw something on VH1. Heart was mentioned, and Barracuda played. My response was like a kid who had just discovered that girls are hot.
I had been aware of Tool since about 2001 but I never became too interested in them. I heard Schism and Sober on the radio at times, but I thought Schism was too long and repetitive and that Sober wasn't interesting. My stupid 9 year old mind thought "Why listen to this when I could listen to Linkin Park?" Eventually 10,000 Days came out in 2006 and The Pot, among other songs, was receiving heavy radio airplay, and my dad decided to buy the album. Since I liked the song, I took it and listened to it, and I soon realized that it was a great album. I bought their other three albums and they became my favorite band.
Honestly, I can't remember where I first heard Hendrix - most likely the radio or tv commercials playing Purple Haze like it's there jobs (I swear it was in 30 percent of the commercials when I was growing up). Most notably the Pepsi commercial with younger-Jimi in it.

Glass Harp isn't my favorite band but they're incredible and I learned of them through XM Radio (thank God for Deep Tracks...). I also learned about some other good bands from XM like Skid Row and Extreme and a lot of others I won't get into.

Led Zeppelin I've like always known, when I was first getting into them each time I'd listen to a track I'd be like "Oh ****! I love this song, I didn't know this was Led Zeppelin!"
I was once browsing through the music section of this used bookstore near where I live. There, I found this book on hard rock, and a ton of biographies on a ton of bands. The author spoke extremely highly of this one band called Kyuss, and the way he described their music made them sound pretty cool. So, next day at a music shop, I found their album Welcome to Sky Valley and have loved them ever since.
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i always knew who the red hot chili peppers were and i even owned their By the Way album but i only listened to the Zephyr song off that cd since i was like 10 and then about 2 months ago i saw that my brother owned their Californication album so i borrowed it and listened to all the songs very briefly and i began to reallylike purple stain. so i listened to purple stain and fell in love with that song and then right on time and then road trippin and then i brought back out my old By the Way album and listend to the whole thing and ended up loving every song and then i got stadium arcadium, mothers milk, and Blood Sugar Sex Magik. and now i live for the red hot chili peppers
Summer of 2006.

I was scanning over a friend's Myspace page, and saw Opeth in her music section. I asked her about them, because I thought I had heard of them.

She recommended a few songs to download, I did, the rest if history.
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I used to be into hard rock, think disturbed, pillar, skillet, POD. One of my friends and I would always jam around at his house. One day he played something really fast and awesome, not knowing what it was, I asked and he said Master of Puppets. I fell in love with Metallica after that and I credit them for my progression as a guitarist and for my love of all genres of metal.
i found out about Bodom through a friend who was wearing an are you dead yet t-shirt. intrigued by that, i asked him who they were and he just happened to have his guitar in D standard, so he dropped it to c and played are you dead yet. thats how i found out about them, i love them because of Gigantour '08. Amazing show
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I was walking through the house one day and my little brother was playing one of the Tony Hawk games in the living room. I think it was American Wasteland. 'Little Girl' by Death From Above 1979 was playing, and I downloaded the song that same day. It was catchy and I listened to it a lot, then I looked into the band and realized it was just 2 guys- drums and bass. That really inspired me to start taking bass seriously because I had no idea you could get a bass to sound that... I dont know how to put it into words.

Van Halen will always be my favorite at heart, though.
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Good ol' UG introduced me to Between The Buried And Me

They're def in my top 3-5...Paul Waggner is by far my favorite guitarist.
6th grade:
girlfriend says: "Guns N' Roses is teh kickzass! listen to this"

i listened....i loved.

My mind is going. I can feel it.
About 6 months ago people on another forum were constantly going on about Mars Volta this and that, so I downloaded Televators, then De-loused, then bought De-Loused, then bought all tghe other Mars Volta albums.
Then all the At the Drive-In Albums.
Now I've got three Omar Rodriguez Lopez albums, and after I get the rest, I'll trawl the streets for De Facto.
Then Racer X (Alderete FTW).
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Pink Floyd. I just remember hearing about them, like they're this legendary band like Zep and the Beatles. I thought they'd be a hippie band like Grateful Dead or something.
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Was watching Kerrang when I was about 12 and just getting into rock music when Enter Sandman came on. After that just started looking for other songs and then stumbled upon the epic Master of Puppets. After that I was hooked on Metallica.
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Back in 2003 I went round my friends house for the first time and his brother was listening to Dragonforce. Yep.

Thats right, DragonForce are my favourite band. Deal with it.
rise against.

would always play "like the angel" off of tony halks underground.

limewired some stuff.

bought the rest.
Someone on here said "I can't believe you don't know who Dream Theater is", so I got Train of Thought out from the library.
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a favorite would be The Offspring.QUOTE]

they were my first favourite band. they got me into music as well.

in 2000 or 2001 when they released original prankster i loved it and my dad bought the albun. he also had smash, ignition and americana and i loved listening to them as well. so after watching for the offspring on mtv2 i got into alot of other stuff.

chop suey! by system of a down was my second favourite song i think, and they were my second favourite band. i also heard alot of stuff around 2002 that ive only rediscovered recently, like slipknot, i'm broken by pantera and seasons in the abyss by slayer.

from then i've had a few more favourites. when mezmerize/hypnotize came out by SOAD i got back into them, mainly because of my friend getting into them. he also helped me get into metallica and i now own all of their albums, excluding the two live ones. but i dont listen to st anger.

then just before christmas i found my dad's neglected slipknot cd so i asked him if i could borrow it and it went on from there!
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