Evening ladies and man-folk.

For the past few months I've been searching for an Amp.
The age old question...
However, I wondering if any of you had a good suggestion for a good amp...
Im looking for something under 800. Prefferably not digital.
Most importantly I want to get a good garage-rock tone.
Some popular examples: The Hives, Foxboro Hot Tubs, White Stripes or the Strokes

But then Im also looking to be able to get some good clean tones for surf and oldies. Like the Red Elvises. I can get a reverb and tremelo pedal later if needed.
But any suggestions?

I play an Ibanez Artcore. Soon to be a Eastwood Airline.
just buy ne old amp and kick in the speaker
tada, garage sound
no seriously tho, it sounds like a fender is wat ur lookin 4 there
not sure exactly wat model will fit ur budget tho
Those bands use a variety of different amps but something like a Vox AC-15 or AC-30 would suit nicely, as would a Fender Deluxe Reverb, or probably the best bet, a Fender Blues Junior. A Peavey Classic 30 would also be a good amp.

All of those plus many more will pair up nicely to your guitars. Good luck!

Any American voiced amp + big muff + humbuckers.

Artcore delivers on the Garage Rock tone.

Look into a Peavey Delta Blues, Fender Blues Deluxe, Ampeg J20 Jet, Deluxe Reverb, and a Blues Custom.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.
The Vox amps look promising. Plus they look damn cool. Never really looked into them before...

Again, Thanks!
And I wanna try busting up an amp to get that original distortion tone like Link Wray and the Sonics. But first Id need an amp Im ok with doing it to!