So i have had a Valveking 100 head for about 6 months, and its been great other than one thing.

I have used a marshall foot switch and more recently a boss FS-6. Both very sturdy and well made, but whenever i switch on the distortion there is a noticeable lag between hitting the button and the distortion coming on. So when I am playing two parts back to back where one is not distorted that can lead to some pretty horrible sounding transitions.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on why this would be happening/what could be done?

FYI i have not tried the peavey footswitch that is sold separately yet made for the amp as i have heard relentlessly that it is a POS...

Any help is very much appreciated!
I used to own a valveking 50 watt combo and had the same problem. I tried different footswitches and the delay was always the same. I dont think theres much you can do.
I have the Peavey switch for my VK. While yes it is an overpriced POS it works fine and I don't have any delay with it. But I think I was just lucky.
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i guess a new question then if someone has experience with this head, is if anyone can recommend any good distortion pedals for it?
well i went ahead an just ordered the valveking footswitch, i can settle for some dinky plastic thing as long as it is synced well, if not i'll just return it and start a distortion pedal search.
i think with most high gain tube amps, there is a very slight "muting" for a few milliseconds when switching channels to eliminate loud pops that would otherwise occur. It happens to me on all of my tube amps (Peavey, Marshall, etc). It's a design feature. Just hit the switch a few milliseconds early. Or have your drummer hit a cymbal when you go from clean to dirty...nobody will notice.
i would be fine with a few milliseconds, but this is a good 3/4ths of a second or so. Very noticeable. I'll see what happens with the peavey footswitch and if it still bothers me i'll find a good independent distortion pedal.