alright so i was showing a friend my new valveking when some smart ass ****

decided to run the **** into the room and kick my amp and rip the plug outta the back

now when i try to turn it on it sounds all fuzzy and no sound comes out.
Did you just stand there and laugh?

Beat his ass. If someone did that to my amp, I would castrate them and feed their testicles to my dog.
What the ****!!!!! Who the helll is so stupid?! where did this happen? You gotta make him buy you a new one.. if he resists i'll be omw to help you kick his ass!! you just don't do that!!!
Be like "You have no chance to survive make your time".

Then throw your amp at him and go "For great justice".

Then **** his body and take money for a new amp from his assets.

But seriously, you should take it to an amp tech and let them sort it out if you have no expertise with amps.
Burn him with fire.

If that proves ineffective - would reporting it to the police actually do any good? I don't know tbh, but he DID ruin your property, so hm. Yeah lol idk.
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But seriously, you should take it to an amp tech and let them sort it out if you have no expertise with amps.

Correction, beat the guys ass who did it until he is begging you to stop, THEN take it to a tech. And make sure the guy who did it pays for the repairs.
Take out his eyes with a spoon and make gravy with them. Then pour the gravy all over his testicles, chain him to a bed, and let a dog in the room.

Then take your amp to a music store or something.
I'm a person.
take it no a tech then then the guys scrotum to the tubes playy loads so they heat up, im sure hell come up with the money, call the ****ing police lol
With buget amps there are a large number of problems that could have come up. It could be as simple as a broken solder joint that will take 3 seconds to fix or it could be something big like a broken circuit board in which case it'll be cheaper to get a new amp than fix this one.

Take it to an amp tech and see what they tell you.
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lol... So much hatres. Where's the love, y'all?

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steal his kidneys while he sleeps , sell them to the maffia and then buy a new amp
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Repair the amp?No,ask him to buy you a new amp.5150 preferred.
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Quote by Broken-pick
Repair the amp?No,ask him to buy you a new amp.5150 preferred.

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He should buy you a new amp. Period, end of story... not fixing, waiting forever for a tech to get it back to you (which can take a LONG time).... new amp.

oh, and when he goes to buy it make him write in marker on his head "I am a douche bag", for all the world to see.
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Your crappy amp achieved a purposely crappy tone? I'll alert the presses.
hahhaa but i love my valveking, it has everything i want

i can achieve the tones i need on it using an equaliser haha

just before i got it to work strangley.

hopefully it sounds the same tomorrow when i turn it on again....
Things you need to do IMMEDIATELY or YESTURDAY:

Get written statements from any witnesses about incident; also include that amp was working fine before and like _____ afterward. Take pictures of any cosmetic damage from the kick. Obtain police report! All these things will help if you need to go to court to obtain financial relief. Without the appropirate documentation...memories will fade and it will turn into your word vs. guy with big boots. You will need to show that your amp fails to work properly, due to actions of "guy with boots."
If a Peavey dies like that after one kick, I can't image what would happen if one was to kick a Bugera. Would probably break in half