Lately, when im on UG, sometimes I get redirected to an ad page, meaning the UG page is gone, and i get directed to an advertisement site. I can't press back either. Its only happening with UG, so i don't hink i have spy ware.
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Thats interesting, I got Dove Lotion and Iphone.
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^^Each to their own I guess...

flickr you might
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That's a little harsh....

Who cares? He's the one getting ads.
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Adblock is bad. You actually aren't supposed to condone it.
I've been getting these ads as well, but this isn't the place to post about them. I mean to make a thread about them in the proper place, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. You should make one instead.
Also, I can hit the back button on mine.
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Yeah, I've been getting the same.

Also, **** all you FF fags.

I'd be offended, but im happy in the knowledge that I will never have to experience problems with advertisements.
I only get it on the tabs (redirected to a sponsors page), but i can get off that easily enough.
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adblock ftw

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