... i'm tired of my dreadnought's bassiness. it's just a little too booming. which is good sometimes, but a lot of the time i want less bass with more midrange and treble. so i went out messing with guitars the other day and stumbled upon this guitar here:

now when i played it it sounded like what i was looking for. but then my skepticism began to kick in as always and i thought to myself "maybe it's just because it's in this room." (i've played guitars that were awesome in the store, and sucked elsewhere. but this store is very small so there's not a separate room for acoustics, it's all just one big room).

so basically what i wanted to ask is, GENERALLY what kind of tone is ascribed to mini-jumbo style guitars? did my ear deceive me or is this body style, being smaller than a dreadnought, actually the bright kind of tone i was looking for? the word 'jumbo' kinda threw me for a loop. i know it's a stupid noob question, but $300 is on the line here!
Depends... mini jumbo and Grand Audatorium (somewhat similiar)-style guitars seem to have a brighter sound. The lows are more distinct and not the deep bass that's in the dreadnought one's. Personally i love the sound that the small guitarbodys generate, especially my Blueridge. To answer your question, these guitars do generally have a "brighter" tone with more distinct lows.
Mini Jumbo is my favorite body style. It's got all the bass of a dread but it doesn't boom like a dread. It's got all the sparkle of an OM but doesn't sound thin. It's really got the best of both worlds. The problem is finding good ones. Most luthiers love this shape and they sell them like there is no tomarrow. I know a few luthiers that don't offer a dread at all but offer the mini jumbo as an alternative. The problem is that luthier built guitars cost a lot of money. On a budget it is hard to find anything with a solid top which means you are kinda stuck getting something like you pictured in this thread. It's a laminated top, back, and sides, but chances are you are not going to find anything in this shape that is really good unless you spend a buttload more than you want to.

If the guitar sounds good to you then go ahead and get it. It's pretty much the same.
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