We've been asked to do a gig at a pub, but they say we all need to be 18+. Now, me, the lead guitarist and the singer are 20,19 and 24 so it's cool for us. But our drummer and bassist are 17 and 16.

We wouldn't be going to the bar so why would we need to be 18+? Would I be able to convince them if I tell them that?
it's possible but don't bank on it, couldn't you just lie about it?
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get the underage ones to bring parents, unless it's in a special restricted area they can't legally stop you from going in with your parents
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Do they look old enough? Because you might be able to get them in, and if they card them, just get them to make up a good, believable excuse.
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Well, no, all they'd have to do is check our myspace and see for themselves. I guess I could let this one go for now, i'm sure we'd get more. Thing is, they've already said we can do it and our names are already down for a support slot. I'd rather not lie to them anyway.

Edit, the drummer looks old enough, but the bassist doesn't. And what excuse could we give? We forgot? lol
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Edit, the drummer looks old enough, but the bassist doesn't. And what excuse could we give? We forgot? lol

Just turn up on the night, set your gear up and say nothing.
If anyone mentions anything about the bassists age, either act dumb and say you didn't know about the age restrictions for the bands or that you wasn't aware that the age restrictions applied to the bands.
Or you could simply say that your bassist has just left you but you managed to get this young guy as a last minute replacement for the gig because you didn't wanna let the venue down.
Whadda they gonna do? You're there, you've set up, and your name's been advertised as the band that's playing. They're hardly gonna turn around at the last minute and cancel your gig because of one person being under the age of their company policy.
And it is just company policy, not law, which means that they are at liberty to change it any time they please.
The law states that a 14 year old and upwards can enter a pub without an adult as long as they do not drink alcohol.
Believe me, once you're set up and the crowd is expecting to see you, it would be much easier for them to just ignore company policy for one person, for one night rather than spoil the night for everyone else.
Remember, these people are in the business of selling beer to the crowd that you attract as a band. No landlord in his right mind is gonna cancel a band at the last minute over something as trivial as that and risk losing revenue. Especialy since the smoking ban has seen many pubs have a substancial drop in profits.
Well, it's too late now I told them the truth, I think it'll benefit us in the long run. The woman who works for them said they're looking for another venue to do future gigs at because they had to keep turning bands down due to their age. She also said once they find a venue for us we're more than welcome to play there so it's cool.

According to her, the security there is tight and they check everyones ID if they look under 21, even the bands. So it would have been best to turn it down anyway seeing as though when we got there we might not have been able to play anyway.

Ah well.
If they're that anal about it they should check the ages of everyone in a band before they ask them to play.
So? If you are booking bands for a venue you should at least know what the management is like.
I don't know what the rules are in the UK, but in the USA bars can get really screwed if people are there underage. I've gone to bars with my folks to perform since I was 15 and they didn't care, even when I brought friends, but tell them. If they end up getting cited they might be able to sue you for not disclosing your ages. Chances are that they'll work something out with you; perhaps a parent can come.
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Yea I guess, no point talking about it now anyway since we aren't playing lol

That's a shame.
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