This might be one for the computer techies.
Last night i was transfering some Opeth on to my mp3 player from my hard drive, and then my computer crashed.( due to messed up USB 2 drivers thanks to the motherboard) and it restarted and then said "ntldr is missing". I used to get this problem before so i did the usual process i did to fix it last time. Boot with XP cd and use recovery console to rebuild bootcfg. But this didnt work so i ran chkdsk on my main harddrive and it said volume serial number 0000-0000 and detected it to only having 10mb instead of the actual 160GB once it had finished it said the drive has one or more unrecoverable problems.

So i want to know if my hard drive is screwed for definite. Can anyone tell me any hard drive scans i can use. I got western digital data lifeguard tool but it did bugger all. Someone please assure that this can be fixed :/

Thanks in advance
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it sounds to me that your hard drive is broken, which is a bummer cause a similar experience. it could just be that theres an internal problem and you might be able to salvage at least some of the contents of the hard drive. i can't be certain but hopefully someone else will have more insight into the matter
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