So I went to Guitar Center last night just to see how great the "discounts" would be. I figured I'd buy a strap for my SG because i had one that was too soft and it fell from the hole when I was playing it(luckily I caught it). The GC employee hands me like a 10 page list of what's on sale w/SKU numbers to help them look anything up. Anyhoo, I go over to the hollows and this thing is staring at me...TAUNTING me!

Ibanez Artcore AS73

On sale for $249

Couldn't resist the price for a quality hollow so I pulled the trigger. Definitely worth it but I had no intention of getting it.

In other news, I still didn't get a strap and the ones that were there were ugly so I didn't get one for the Ibanez either.


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same thing happened to me getting the Hot Rails for my tele. I just came in to look around!
edit: I thnk that I did play the artcore when I was there. Beautiful guitar! Nice grab.
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lol, I'm even worse.... got to the local guitarshop to collect my repaired telecaster... got home with the telecaster and a new Morgan Semi-acoustic.

And at the same store, gone to buy a set of strings, bought a Washburn X-serie guitar :P
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wow they must have good salesman at these guitar centres, in New Zealand I walk in, chat to the guys i know there, and say like "i like that tele, i want one" and they're like "you should buy it" that's their sales pitch right there, then i say "but it's expensive" so they try and make me buy a cheaper, crapper tele *facepalm*
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I have learned one thing in my years of buying guitars:

Never buy anything because it's a good deal unless you're going to flip it.

I used to buy tons of budget guitars at GC closeouts and the like, but then they sit in a corner.

The exception being a sale I went to in 2000. Every Danelectro was 99.99

I walked out with three double necks, five hodads, three long horns and a couple baritiones.

These have periodically gone on flea bay when I need cash

My rules of thumb for gear buying:

Don't buy anything new that you can buy used
Don't buy anything at a special sale unless you really want it or you can sell it for more then you pay
Don't buy something just because it's a good deal. If you are not going to use it it's not a good deal.
Quote by SenorSmiley
Don't buy anything new that you can buy used

+1 In Finland the rule of thumb is Thomann price x 0.7 = used price.

I bought my EC-1000 for 700€ (with a case), it's 959€ new. Not the best deal ever but I can sell it for the same price if I want to.

I bought the strat new but it was fairly new model (released in '06) and I couldn't find a used one.
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