Hey guys,

This is the first time I've ever restrung a guitar, and the strings feel a little tight. It may sound like a stupid question, I'm sorry, but do guitar strings break in? Right now my G,B,and E strings don't bend nearly as much as they used to without a lot of effort. I tried messing with the action, the bride, and the tuno-o-matic, but they still seem just as tight. Hopefully they loosen up over time?
New strings do take a while to settle in, especially if you've moved up a gauge or two (new guitars generally come set up with .09's, so if you've put on .10's or .11's, they'll feel even tighter than usual.)

New strings will also take a while to settle in tuning, so you'll need to tune them up to EADGBe (or whatever tuning you use), stretch them a bit, then retune again. Repeat until the tuning has stablised.
Whenever you restring, always strech the strings first. The best thing for you to do now would be to tune about a tone above normal, leave for 5 mins and then tune back. Its best to do in a warm(ish) room so the metal expands and th strings dont snap. hope it helps
yer stretching strings will help tuning stability and "easyness" or "looseness" whilst playing