This is my little side project, Under a Weeping Moon. I play in a Progressive Death Metal band but I love the orchestral side of stuff, so I made this little orchestra only project.

Songs are short and done with GP5 but run through Reason so they sound 1000 times better than GP5.


Got tons more material yet to upload, hope you guys like it. The music is also on my profile.


edit: I would like to point out before anyone asks, I have no formal training, I can't read music and know near nothing about theory. I only play bass
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I really like Salvation Through Divinity. I'm in the same situation you are. In a hard core band but Like orchestra music too. I play guitar in my band and Tuba in the Schools band/orchestra. Awesome Job keep up the good work and I look forward to more music.
Thanks dudes
I should be able to get some more music up in the next week or so, might end up releasing it on a CD later this year, no reason really