Well, when I'm sitting down and playing I'm fine, but when i stand the thumb of my fretting hand hurts like a mother.

Especially when im playing any type of chord over and over (I learned this when i started out playing green day progressions)

Any way i can fix this....Is it possible i can stop pressing so hard on the neck with my thumb??

Plz help....It freaking hurts
you must be pressing against the neck pretty hard for your thumb to hurt so much. try to ease up a bit i guess
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maybe your thumb positioning is wrong. I had a problem with that when I started out
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maybe your thumb positioning is wrong. I had a problem with that when I started out

I think that's what he figured out on himself anyway ^^
usually when your sitting down u kinda use ur thumb, knee, and stomach 2 support ur guitar. when your standing up you have ur strap. so just let your thumb relax ur guitar isnt going anywhere its on the strap.
guitar is probably too low, so the fretting hand is essentially bearing the weight. wear it higher (i know uncool, right?) and see how it feels
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you can fret strings with out using that much force

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Yeah, loosen your grip would be my advice (without being able to see your thumb placement). Try to work on getting clean notes with as little pressure as possible. It'll also help your speed and fluidity because you aren't creating unnecessary resistance in your hand.
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Im postin pics of wht im doin...so u guys know whts going on...they be on in a sec
Try shortening the strap. I wear my guitar pretty high because that's how I'm more comfortable with it, if it's too low my fretting hand gets sore and I play a lot worse, too.
+1 to a shorter strap. It works for me!
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No idea how your thumb hurts...all i can think of is that yeah, you are holding it with too much pressure. Loosen up a little maybe and wear the guitar higher (unless you already are, of course :P). Remember, having your guitar is not uncool
maybe you are a starter at barre chords? if you are it isn't strange if you hurt.
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Naa i started out with barre chords around Christmas time...and its hurt ever since... Im gonna try to keep my guitar higher and see if it works ..thnks