Would anyone care to listen to this rendition of a classical Beethoven sonata? CC4CC

Its his 8th sonata, the sonata pathetique, rearranged by Symphony X (Sonata from Twilight in Olympus)

I recorded all of this in about 2-3 hours with my keyboard and my guitar

Im quite satisfied, I hope youll enjoy it


Its at the bottom of that list

Constructive comment for constructive comment; I cant use comment like "kewl" for much and neither can you I presume
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This is quite good. From your other songs it sounds like keyboard might be your primary instrument?

Actually, nope, its guitar, but you might be judging from the 3 highschool prom-band songs there (Be prepared x2 and bear necessities, wherein I played guitar and uku respectively, not keys)

Im not that sharp on keyboard tbh, but I think its fun and helpful when learning sight reading