Hey guys, major help needed.

Basically, in a few weeks I'll finally be able to afford a decent amp, and im going with the Peavey 6505, but I have no idea what cab to get. I looked at the specific 6505 cab, but it seems fairly over-priced, and from what I've read in places, crappy. I know people go with Marshall 1960 series cabs in general, but I have no idea what all the differences are, and what would be best.

Obviously, its going to be predominatly for metal, so any suggestions on a 4x12 cab?
I have a budget of around £400-500 ( 800-1000 USD ), and I'll be using an ESP EC-400 w EMG 81 + a 60, and perhaps the new Dave M sig in the not too distant future.

Thanks in advance.
most likely get bitched at for this but...the 5150 model on my pod always sounds best through the marshall with v30s
Mesa Traditional
Vadar (if you want to order in from the states)
Orange 4x12

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ENGL would work well IMO.
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Gonna recommend you try to find a Framus Dragon cab. I didn't like V30's until I tried my 5150 on one of these, sounded incredible.

Edit: Nvm, they are 443 in pounds.
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