Loved all the instrumentation onf the tune, riffs, leads, harmonies were excellent. The vocals just aren't my style, but I can totally respect other peoples preferences.
The music though was totally along the lines of stuff I love to listen to. Great riffing with solid leads & lots of changes.

As for any constructive crit...I'm no vocal expert by any means...so make what you will of this observation...but to my ears in spots, it sounded a bit too much like the vocals were not performed "loudly" so to speak. Kinda more like they were recorded at speaking volumes, rather than belted out with the ferocity that the riffs would seem to dictate. I could be wrong...and don't take it as a rip on you at all. I just wanted to toss it your way in hopes that it might be helpful.

Nice writing though...loved the contrast between the intro & main body of the tune!

My own sheeeeit