ok so im learning scarified and its really damn fast. i noticed in most of the youtube videos people are using picks. im not that good with a pick and am better with my fingers, but is it even possible to play it with your fingers. can any of you?
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hell, that Racer X song? That's impossible to play with fingers!
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any song can be done with either.

just practice it and practice it.
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I find it more difficult with a pick, switching from picking to tapping to picking.
The guy from Racer X Juan Adeltere or something doesn't use a pick....
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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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You can only use 1 pick ... but you have 4 fingers and I salute anyone with the ability to use all 4.
I call him john, from what he went by in the racer x days, altohugh Iknow for th emars volta it's juan

He only uses two fingers, and I've attempted it, but not quite done it. It just takes practice. If I kept up trying for a couple more months I'd have it, but I'm more or less slowly improving all my skills.

I've tried playing fast songs with a pick, just to realize I'm faster and more accurate with my fingers anyways. It would take more practice to do it with a pick than the two finger I already have.

Plus, I think the tone fits better, especially if you're using a jazz bass.
The guy who played bass on the Spaceship 1 DVD or something uses a pick n' Ric, which is a much better version IMO
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I find it much easier using a two finger technique, but I can also play it with a pick.
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Good song. Seems to be a lot easier with fingers, especially during the tapping parts. Picks just seem to get in the way, especially on the string skipping.
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That's not John Alderete though.

I didn't know i said it was j/k, i love you.
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2 fingers completely pwn 1 pick. That's awesome.
“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

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In the vid with the ric and pick in it, the bassist can't even solo.

Alderete does a damn sweeping pattern, pretty much.
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Im actually in the process of learning this song with my band and Im attemping to play w/o a pick. I can play in almost up to speed, the song is around 140 bpm and I can play around 130ish. What really helped me with the song is just take it riff by riff, slowing it down and playing to a metronome. Also if you have guitar pro, slowing the tempo down and playing to it helps a lot.
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fingers can go MUCH faster than a pick, that song is definately not impossible, the fretting hand technique is alot more demanding than the plucking hand technique.