So i'm going to get an ipod and from what I understand the headphones that come with the ipod's are decent but i'm not going to settle for that. I want to get some of those earbud style headphones and preferably the in-ear kind, but that's not a nessesity. What do all you people recommend along the lines of good headphones?
I really like the ones that come with it, but then again, I have inferior hearing
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Sennheiser CX300s /Thread
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Skullcandy maybe? Certainly not the best but good for their price range.

I like these a lot. The big DJ style ones are much better than the earbuds, but the earbuds are easier to shoplift than a candy bar.
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Skull Candy. The Ink'd ones are great, and only about $10 at Marshalls i think. Those are probably the best you can get w/out paying over $25 or so. The Lowrider and Skullcrushers are awesome, altho pretty expensive and large.
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Sennheiser CX300s /Thread

Yep. First pair of headphones I've had last more than 6 months!
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Sennheiser CX300s /Thread

Yep. They're the best pair of headphones I've ever had. Sound fantastic, block out sound well, great bass, comfortable, pretty durable and are relatively cheap for their quality. I've gone through all different types if earbuds, including Shure E2's, several Skullcandys, a few Sony's and countless others, but these are easily the best.
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Get some Creative EP-640 headphones. I have some and they're really good but they're like 50 bucks.