So i installed some wiring in my guitar that allows me to have the pickups in series, which sounds alot more like a humbucker. I am showcasing the sounds you can get with this, clean and dirty, using my MIA Strat, ME-50, Fender amp, and my recording setup. It also is me venturing into some heavier stuff, and I would like comments on both the tone and the playing.

First Song on my profile. C4C as usual. Enjoy!!

WOW thats amazing, do you have a schematic? almost but not quite like a humbucker, missing something. (do you have a kill switch? sounded like it)
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thats the general basis used, but with some changes. I have a push pull there, which gives me the two positions and a kill switch. I must admit, I didn't wire it up, and I havent had a chance to rip it apart to see what the guy did, so I am not exactly sure how the schematic works, sorry

edit: yup theres a kill in there, and I should mention its a series blender, but it was on full the whole time.
Ha I did the exact same thing to my strat!
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firebreath07 can you tell me what the 5 different positions are when you have the series switch on? And what does the tone knobs do with the series options?
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